Tensile test machine UL - EURO – Z 500

For material tests pursuant to standards EN 408, part 13 „Determination of the tensile strength in fiber direction (test speed 300 sec +/- 120 sec), and DIN 789, part 9 “Properties of wooden materials under tensile stress”. Also pursuant to US standard “AITC Test”.

Technical specification:

The tensile stress will be applied to the test specimen with a frequency-controlled 3-phase motor, with the force being uniformly applied pursuant to EN 408 and freely adjustable with a potentiometer depending on the thickness of the test specimen.

The motor will be switched off via a maximum contact in the measuring device once the motor’s maximum load is exceeded. The electronic measuring system establishes the tensile force with a load cell that is equipped with a measuring amplifier. The signal will be shown on a digital display and the maximum value will be stored. The measuring unit has an accuracy class of 0.25 % of the final value, thus meeting the required measuring accuracy of 1 %. The control of the appliance is installed in a separate user panel with base.

The test specimen can be inserted into the appliance in its longitudinal direction from both sides and will be mechanically arrested. The test specimen is covered with a protective hood during the test. The appliance is CE-certified.

technical data

max. 500 kN ( 500 000 N)
measuring accuracy
0.25 % of the final value

Maximum dimensions of test specimen:

260 mm
50 mm
test cross section
13000 mm2
supply voltage
400 V, 50 - 60 Hz
motor output
5,2 KW

Equipment data:

2400 mm
1150 mm
1400 mm
ca. 1300 kg


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