High-performance tensile test machine GEZU 850

Tensile test machine for wooden boards with a maximum cross section of 100 x 270 mm, max. tensile force 850 kN.

Description: High-precision and high-performance tensile test machine for checking the quality of boards and solid wood lamellas for research purposes. The tensile test machine can establish mechanical properties, especially the tensile strength and the elongation of wooden lamellas and finger joint connections. It is also possible to test mechanical connections (tensile splices), when specific safety measures are observed.

technical data

maximum tensile force
850 kN
max. clamping force at a max. clamping surface (240 x 400 mm)
5 N/mm2
toothed clamping plates
280 x 400 mm
shortest free clamping length for the test specimen
200 mm
longest free clamping length for the test specimen
5960 mm
maximum opening of the clamping jaws
110 mm
speed continuously adjustable
v = 2 mm... 13 mm (18 mm) /min
maximum crash path
150 mm

Test specimen dimensions:

20-270 mm
5-100 mm
200-6000 mm


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